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Anne C Smith

Research Interests and Research Experience

I am interested in how mathematics and computer science can be used to understand problems in medicine, neuroscience, and engineering. 

My research experience includes the analysis of electrophysiologic and engineering data using filtering techniques and machine learning, using probability methods to understand neural sequence data, and building software for analysis of imaging and EEG data. 

Recent projects include:

o  pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic modeling in drug development (MATLAB Simbiology)

o  analysis of rat and human EEG (Python MNE)

o  development of R Shiny applications for correlation analysis in drug development

o  longitudinal disease modeling

Neuroscience Publications

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Book Chapter

  1. Smith AC. State-space modeling for the analysis of behavior in learning experiments. In "Advanced State-Space Methods for Neural and Clinical Data”, 2015. Cambridge University Press. Z. Chen, editor.

Applied Mathematics Publications

  1. Smith AC, Roberts WW.  Straightening of crimped and hooked fibers in converging transport ducts: Computational modeling. Textile Research Journal 1994; 64(6): 325-334.
  2. Smith AC, Roberts WW. Computational modeling of fiber formation in spunbonding of polypropylene with crystallization: Comparison with experiments. International Nonwovens Journal 1994; 6(1): 31-41.